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When you have an electric outage, you need to minimize your "down time", have the problem fixed correctly, and the cost of the repair to be fair and affordable.  You need an electrician that can respond quickly, an electrician with expertise, an electrician that is licensed and insured, a professional that will stand behind their work. 

With nearly 15 years of experience responding to electrical service calls in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties, MJK Electric, Inc. has consistently satisfied customers.  Keeping afloat in any service oriented industry means consistently exceeding customer's expectations.

For Mike Keenan, owner of MJK Electric, Inc., the solution is simple!  Make sure the customer's call is answered as prompt as possible, respond rapidly, respond effectively, respond efficiently, and invoice the job appropriately and fairly.  Make sure all personnel on any job site are courteous, respectful of the customer's property and privacy, leave the jobsite clean, and without a doubt be trustworthy and non-intrusive!


MJK Electric, Inc. realizes that their customers do not budget for unexpected electrical problems or surges that destroy electrical circuitry.  They realize that a customer's aging electrical panels may not support the customer's need for today's technology in their home or workplace.  MJK Electric, Inc. realizes their customer's need for electrical repair or upgrades to circuitry are typically never expected or budgeted.  For this reason, MJK Electric, Inc. knows they have to invoice fairly, offer affordable options, and work in a cost efficient manner.  Doing all things possible to keep invoice cost to a minimum while satisfying the customer's need to minimize down time of inoperable electric circuitry.  

MJK Electric, Inc. has one goal:  To get your electrical issues resolved as quickly as possible, at the best price, keeping you satisfied and stress free throughout the process.

Contact MJK Electric, Inc. to find out how they can be of service to eliminate your electrical problem today!


  *Call us for your electric emergencies.  We are available 24/7
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